• DC Motor
  • Direct Suction and Extraction
  • Side-Draft
Open wide air intake, extracting the fumes before they spread;Patented automatic smokescreen to control the spread of fumes effectively
Product Details
*Convertible Broaden Air Inlet, extracting the fumes before they spread; “A Ray of Sky” Convertible Broaden Air Inlet, open-top wide air intake design, uniform suction coverage downward, no pressure relief, locking up all grease and fumes. According to the principle of “Golden fume control zone”, the air inlet is set at a height of 580mm from the cooktop panel, which can extract all fumes before they expand on a large scale, without affecting the oxygen supply of the cooktop or the user´s cooking.
Patented Automatic smoke baffle plate control the spread of fumes effectively; Obtuse angle open/close to block and the grease and fumes, where the automatic smoke baffle plate and the air inlet form an obtuse angle buffer to block the grease and fumes effectively, preventing the grease and fumes from overflowing. Wider smokescreen offers a “hard partition” for the user, effectively reducing the “micro-diffusion” of the fumes and alleviating the damage to the skin by the grease and fumes. When the hood is off, the smokescreen is closed, effectively preventing the odor of fumes as a safety valve, keeping the kitchen air fresh at all times.
Speed-up Straight Extraction System, direct suction and exhaustion (4 crucial points forming a straight line); Scientific design of the fan tilt angle adjusted to 30°, so that 4 crucial points (the cooktop, air inlet, volute and air outlet) form a straight line, for direction suction and exhaustion of the fumes. The air inlet is set in the golden control zone to suck the fumes quickly; the fume acceleration passageway is set at the air inlet and turbo port to enhance the fume extraction twice; the “Nautilus Air Passageway” design, with the superpower of the impeller, accelerates the exhaustion of fumes.
Strong core creates a perfect balance of power and quietness DC variable frequency motor *Powerful guarantee of strong suction and exhaustion, original manufacturer DC inverter motor, combining strong power with considerate care, ensuring the protection of “no escape of smoke*, with the consideration of “less disturbing” effect.
Smart Life, Innovative Technology Auto Extraction Resistance Detection, turning on strong power upon exhaust resistance detection;
Intelligent Air Steward, guarding the kitchen air health
Technical Parameters
  • Certification: CB
  • Product Size (mm)(W×D×H): 900×440×(610-1450)
  • Voltage: 220-240V 50Hz
  • Noise Level (dB): T档54dB,强档49dB
  • Illumination Power (W*1): 1.5*2(LED)
  • Air Flow (m³/h): 1400(T档,240V,国标) ,1360(T档,220V,国标)
  • Motor Power (W): 268
  • Filter: 长条油网
  • Gas Sensor: N
  • Heat Sensor: N
  • Wind Curtain: N
  • Auto Turbo System: Y
  • Intelligent Air Management: Y
  • Smoke Sound Detection: N
  • Anion Sterilization: N
  • Central Energy Cursor: N
  • Net Weight (kg): 30 (装饰罩5.8)
  • Gross Weight (kg): 38 (装饰罩7.9)
  • Packing-Box Size (mm): 1010×695×550 (装饰罩521×521×400)
  • Volume (m³): 0.386 (装饰罩0.1086)
Installation Diagram
Wind tunnel installation ceiling installation diagram (unit: mm)
Kitchen Scene
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