REX Series Oven
Great Taste Made Easy

Accurate Temperature Controls, Simple Operation, Humanized Design

Accurate Temperature Controls for the Best Baking

With Rex, there’s no need to worry about unstable temperatures or half-cooked food.The even temperature will ensure that your food is cooked evenly.Your baking will exceed your expectations !

Simple Operation Perfect for Beginners

Step 1: Select Mode
Step 2: Set Temperature
Step 3: Set Time
You just need to wait to enjoy anything from a snack to a big feast!

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  • Step 2
  • Step 3

Humanized Designs Provide a Happy Baking Time

  • 70L Large Capacity
  • Double Light Indicator
  • Large Viewable Window
  • User-Friendly Side Rack
  • Temperature Insulation
  • Easy Tips
70L Large Capacity The usable volume is 70L and the oven has five-layer side rack, ensuring that different baking needs can be easily accommodated.
Double Light Indicator Shows Status of the Oven The orange light indicates that the oven is still preheating. The red light comes on when the temperature inside the oven reaches the setting temperature and the food can be put into the oven.
New Lighting Design and Large Viewable Window Provides a clear view of the inside allowing you to observe every step of the baking process.
User-Friendly Side Rack Enabling Easy Removal of Tray The design of the oven side racks means that baking trays always slide in easily. The anti-slip design prevents unnecessary burns caused by trays being pulled out too quickly.
Three-Layer Protection for Safety and Better Temperature Insulation Three layers of glass with a middle layer of LOW-E coating give you piece of mind that even after a long period of use, the exterior glass does not get hot. The heat is kept inside the oven, and even the food at the edge of the oven can be heated evenly.
Create a Variety of Delicious Flavors with Our Easy Tips Classic baking modes, temperature, and cooking time are shown on interior of the oven. All you need to do is adjusting the settings on the oven panel, baking delicious dishes is just that simple!

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