Square too microwave, not only fast

Microwave grill dual mode, independent air duct technology, shortcut menu.

Microwave BBQ dual mode, let your taste buds release

FOTILE microwave oven has two heating modes, microwave and barbecue.
Whether you want to heat the frozen pizza instantly after work or to have a good barbecue when you meet up with friends,
Can meet your different cooking needs.

milk rice Pizza vegetables Popcorn Grilled meat Dumplings Soup

Worry-free embedded smart life

The air in the back of the microwave oven often causes the cabinet to be wet.
Nowadays, FOTILE microwave oven uses independent air duct technology, and the “out and forward” air exhaust system allows the circulating ventilation to dissipate heat more quickly.
Keep the cabinet fresh, no worries, and of course no smell left!

Want to enjoy the ultimate delicious food, but it is too much trouble?

With a quick menu, cooking has never been easier

In just a few minutes, you can make cold food hot.
With the help of the shortcut menu, FOTILE is like a family, warming up the food for you.
Filling up the empty stomach also warms your heart.

One-button start, easy and fast operation

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