Everything is just perfect for a perfect experience

No more than 1 mm, no less than 1°, the appropriate height, the suitable width, the exact angle: every detail is developed according to the most rigorous professional studies. It takes the perfect combination of every detail to create the best range hood to take care of your cooking fumes. Don't settle for anything less than the best.

4 Crucial Points in a Straight Line/30°

The optimum distance from the stove creates the most effective suction.

According to years of research conducted by FOTILE, 580mm is the golden height for creating the most efficient suction.

Create a forbidden zone for kitchen fumes!

The 110° Automatic Smoke Baffle Plate creates a barrier around cooking soot. Smoke is securely trapped within the triangle for more efficient removal.

Broad-range smoke control, effective even when using more than one burner!

Adopting the guidance principle of the smoke deflector, smoke is firmly absorbed in the deflector's 90cm wide-flow inlet. Smoke has nowhere to escape.

Streamlined structure makes for a quieter exhaust!

Utilizing the principle that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, the 30° tilt of the fan ensures that the source of the fumes, the external air inlet, internal air inlet and air outlet create four points on a straight line. Smoke is removed in the shortest distance and amount of time. With unobstructed exhaust, the kitchen is naturally quieter.

Unmatchable design made to match your aesthetic

Artful design that heralds a new trend in kitchen aesthetics. FOTILE creates kitchen electronics that perfectly match the aesthetics of your home for a natural fit that leaves your excited about cooking.

Red Dot Design Award Winner

Win the Red Dot Design Award, the "Oscar of industrial design." As we move forward, FOTILE brings high standards to the creation of every product.


Minimalist aesthetics remove complexity from life. FOTILE's side-draft conceptual design eliminates all complicated and uneccesary elements to reveal the purity and simplicity of this bit of aesthetic wisdom.


Strength and beauty coexist for a powerful new trend in cutting-edge technology at your fingertips

The intelligent kitchen is designed with people-oriented awareness in mind

We are committed to optimizing your kitchen experience. We apply that wisdom to our technology in order to show you how much we care about you. We do things right so you can save your valuable time and energy with peace of mind. Fall in love with cooking!

Worried about mold, leaking gas, secondhand smoke or chemical fumes from new construction?

Intelligent Air Steward

Provides real-time monitoring and eradication of harmful gases in order to protect indoor air quality, leaving the air in your kitchen fresh and pleasant.

Under stress of heavy weather,if you live in the house, smoke will be easily drawn back in. And if you live in the appartment, the smoke in the public flue will accumulate in short time as the peak time of cooking and there follows the problem of back dafting. Have you been bothered like this?

Auto Turbo System

SmartIntelligent Air Steward in the exhuast flue and automatically adjust air volume. With pressure up to 1450m³/h, smoke is removed without impediment. Never deal with annoying drawn-back flue gas again!

Easy to clean. That's the ultimate care for your hands.

You love cooking but hate the cleanup. Nothing ruins your mood like a messy kitchen. Couldn't agree more? We want your every moment in the kitchen to be happy and relaxed. Well-tempered steel cleans like a charm for a spotless kitchen. Let us pamper you by taking a chore off your list.

“Seamless single-panel screen for easy cleaning”