Cost-effective classics

In the face of increasing complexity, we hold true to our principles: classics that stand the test of time.

Let FOTILE surprise you with a complete system of cost-effective rangehoods.

We solve the problem of cooking fumes and improve every family's cooking experience. Our goal is to help you experience the best products and services available on the market.

Classic Clean& Clear Filter

When food comes in contact with the pan, smoke will come in contact with your skin. It's time to say goodbye to lingering cooking fumes. After using our classic Patented Clean&Clear Filter with wide intake, the preeminent method for guiding smoke, cooking fumes become no more than passerby. The most valuable knowledge is a classic.

HIgh-efficiency strength so you have more energy for cooking

One moment you are happily cooking for your family, then you place fresh ginger and hot pepper in a pot of oil. Next thing you know, you are greeted with a thick cloud of smoke, ruining your mood. FOTILE to the rescue! The deep smoke chamber formed by a powerful negative pressure zone quickly and effectively collects smoke, insulating you from smoke caused by cooking.

More choices to meet your needs

Whether you prefer Chinese or European-style design, whether the cabinets in your kitchen are large or small, whether you want material that is easy to clean or beautiful and refined, FOTILE can satisfy your needs with our wide range of products. Go ahead, be picky.

  • I used to use FOTILE before when I was in China. Now I have settled in Thailand, but still firmly believe in FOTILE'S quality. I took a lot of trouble and finally got the contact of FOTILE. Here I am, with FOTILE at home.

    Mr. Huang (Thailand)

  • I am an ordinary housewife. I used to be very distressed with the smell of fumes after cooking, until I met FOTILE. FOTILE makes me fall in love with cooking again.

    Ragnar (Indonesia)

  • I did a field test on FOTILE range hood in the market. There was no pungent onion flavor when I poured a whole bag of onions in the pan and stir-fried, so I immediately bought FOTILE hood home.

    Ms. Xu (Australia)

  • I'm a full-time housewife, and just had a baby in the middle of the month. After I use FOTILE hood in cooking, I can barely smell any smoke, and the floor is not sticky any more. FOTILE makes me feel at ease and rest assured!


  • After we change into FOTILE hood, our smoke alarm never sounds, and my daughter can often have all kinds of her favorite food.

    Ms. Huang (Canada)

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A variety of countermeasures secured by technology improve the quality of breathing

When dealing with cooking fumes, the hassle of getting oil residue on clothes pales in comparison to the threat of inhaling harmful substances that can be dangerous. Improving the kitchen environment is FOTILE's unshirkable responsibility.

1450m³/h ultra-powerful suction volume can refresh 16㎡ of kitchen air in 2 minutes.
Anion Sterilization
While the Auto Anion Sterilization automatically distributes negative ions to keep you away from air hazards.
Intelligent Gas&Heat Sensor
Intelligent Gas&Heat Sensor identifies gas leakage and prevents kitchen danger from arising in the kitchen.
3D windscreen
3D Ionized Air Curtain can formed an invisible protective wall on three sides of the hood to effectively prevent cooking fume from escaping from the cooking area and causing the user's face, hair and body to be contaminated.