Fire is fully open, the stove is infinitely possible

FOTILE EPS series cooker, efficient direct injection, fierce fire, stir-fry, save time and effort,
FOTILE Technology meets your delicious cooking needs.

Efficient direct injection, the stove is cooking strength

When I got home from work, I went into the kitchen and my time with my family was occupied by cooking.
An efficient cooker that frees you from the shackles of time and frees yourself from the kitchen.
The gas and air effective mixing rate is greatly improved, and the thermal efficiency of up to 60% saves gas and burns more efficiently.
The cooking time is short, and the time with the family is naturally more.

① Testing organization: Shenzhen Zhengzhou Tianxiang Quality Technology Service Company Guangzhou Branch

Fully fire, detonate your taste buds

Delicious and healthy, it is the pursuit of food for every family in cooking.
Green leafy vegetables need to be fired in order to maintain the chlorophyll and other nutrients in the vegetables, and add a rich taste.
The temptation to stop the delicious temptation is inseparable from the extraordinary fire of 4850W, the super fire hole and the professional fire angle, giving you the delicious taste you want.

4850W Stir fire 110mm Burner 40° Fire angle

"Stable" wins, exquisite stew is more nutritious

I want to pick up a chicken soup, but it’s not hot for a long time.
Mostly because during the peak hours of fire, or bottled liquefied gas, the pressure is unstable, and there are problems such as flame separation and fire.
With the design of bistable flame ring, it can fully solve the unstable situation of firepower, with 52 well-calculated fire holes and multiple stable flame adjustments. The long and stable flames achieve a gentle taste, and the secret of the taste is hidden in the small fire.

Bistable flame ring 52 fire holes

12 heavy protection, safe from the inside out

Layers of protection, more peace of mind, let you enjoy cooking

Not afraid of flameout Not afraid of soup Not afraid of water Not afraid of bear children Not afraid of leaking

EPS cooker series