Established in 1996, FOTILE Group (hereinafter abbreviated as “FOTILE”) has remained true to the original aspiration for the past 24 years. Focusing on the research, development, and manufacturing of high-end kitchen appliances, we are committed to providing high-quality products and services to people in pursuit of quality life, creating a healthy, environment-friendly, tasteful and cultural lifestyle so that hundreds of millions of families can enjoy happier and more secure, comfortable lives.

FOTILE's business involves three major sectors: kitchen appliances, integrated kitchen, and overseas business. Among them, FOTILE brand focuses on kitchen appliances and has ten product lines including range hoods, built-in hobs, built-in sterilizers, built-in microwave ovens, built-in electric ovens, built-in electric steamers, water heaters, sink dishwashers, steamer-microwave oven integrated machine and water purifiers.

Currently, FOTILE has more than 16,000 employees nationwide. In addition to powerful local design capacity, FOTILE also has design strength from Korea, Japan, and other countries as well as high-end kitchen production equipment and advanced industrial manufacturing technology in the world. FOTILE insists on investing no less than 5% of annual sales revenue in research and development every year and has an R&D team with more than 750 talents, including experts in the field of kitchen appliances. As of July 2019, FOTILE has owned nearly 3,000 patents, including over 400 invention patents. The solid scientific research strength has ensured the innovative power of FOTILE. With the solid R&D strength, FOTILE has led the formulation of national and international standards for range hoods and won many industry awards such as IF and Red Dot Design Awards (Germany) for the outstanding industrial design strength.

FOTILE has upheld the core values of “Integration of personal quality, enterprise quality and product quality ”; the mission of “For the happiness of hundreds of millions of families”; driven by the mission, vision and values; with 23 years of dedication and persistence on high-quality kitchen appliances; striding forward toward the grand vision to“to be a great company”.